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Scott Guthrie Unplugged

Scott Guthrie, Corporate Vice President, talks about how to get started quickly building apps with Windows Azure.

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Are you Fast on Windows Azure?

NoClue, Guinness Book of World Records' fastest rapper, can rap 723 syllables in 51.26 seconds. What does the world's fastest rapper have to say about Windows Azure?

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At Build 2012, we dove deep into Windows 8 to cover all the areas you care about, from designing and building beautiful Windows 8 apps to selling your apps and more.

Miss a session? No problem! Click the link below to view keynotes, featured sessions, and live interviews from Build 2012.

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Online ticketing made easier

Todd Sims, Chief Executive Officer of Flavorus, shares how his company uses Windows Azure’s automatic scaling to provide fans with reliable access to tickets, no matter how large the demand spike may be.

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