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Scott Guthrie on Windows Azure, Unplugged

Welcome to
Windows Azure 101

Windows Azure offers a multitude of features, from rock-solid scalability to fast and easy flexibility. Check out the features in the videos below to see how easy it is to get started and you'll agree: this cloud is anything but fluffy.

Open and flexible integration
that speaks your language

Nir Mashkowski, Engineering Lead on Windows Azure Websites, tells you just how easy it is to scale and integrate with open source languages, templates, and developer tools.

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With Windows Azure Virtual Machines, anything is possible

From SQL to MongoDB and everything in between, Corey Sanders, Project Manager on the Windows Azure Runtime team, tells how Windows Azure Virtual Machines make it really easy and possible to do, well, anything.

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Take your awesome app to
an even more awesome level

Listen as Josh Twist, Program Manager for Windows Azure Mobile Services Team, tells you about all the great mobile services such as user engagement and authentication available to you with just a single line of code.

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Focus on the what instead
of the how

Vijay Rajagopalan, Program Manager for Windows Azure Run Time team, shares how you can create highly scalable applications using Windows Azure Cloud Services.

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Leverage HDInsight to solve
Big Data problems

Matt Winkler, Project Manager on Microsoft’s Big Data team, gives several examples of how developers can use familiar tools and rich analysis to solve their Big Data problems.

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Exciting new capabilities with
rich media

Hear from Mingfei Yan, Program Manager Windows Azure Media Services Team, as she introduces some of the exciting new capabilities when working with rich media on Windows Azure.

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