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'We had a possible client where it became evident that their event would sell tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of tickets in a short period of time.  The best solution was to move to the cloud. -Tom Sims, Chief Executive Officer, Flavorus

People are doing amazing things with Windows Azure

From pushing the boundaries of technology, connecting real people to real business solutions, and providing online solutions to ticketing events, the possibilities using Windows Azure are endless. Check out the stories below and see the amazing things being accomplished with Windows Azure.

Creating original multi–player games

MobileBits allows game developers to develop games on their PC, and all of the conversion and compiling that’s required can happen on the cloud. You develop the game once – and then deploy it across multiple platforms.

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Connecting everyday life to the digital world

Digimarc is an invention company with expertise in signal processing. With Windows Azure, Digimarc connects customers to network services in new, exciting ways.

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Building games for worldwide play

Webzen created Arctic Combat for players worldwide. They turned to Windows Azure to help them create a premium playing experience.

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A direct impact

Emotive makes mobile enterprise apps that focus on the user experience. To ensure users have the richest interactions with their devices, Emotive relies on Windows Azure.

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Changing the way the world invests

Appleton Group Wealth Management and Skyline Technologies partnered with Windows Azure to create clearTREND, an app providing real-time analysis of price trend data in investment markets.

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Improving making the world a better place with technology

When Blackbaud needed better ways to help nonprofits focus on their missions instead of IT, they chose Windows Azure to help provide solutions.

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Inspired? Learn how others are using the Windows Azure platform

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